Famous Pitchmen: Phil Swift

Phil Swift is a pitchman that has a lot of experience in direct response marketing on television, but he has also been making waves in the online space. We are going to share some history of the man behind Flex Seal and many other great products. Once you learn more, we think you’re going to see why we have him represented here at Famous Pitchmen.

Starting with his early years as an advertising and marketing man through his years pitching his own products (like Flex Seal), we have everything you ever wanted to know about the man behind Flex Seal. We are also going to look at what he may be doing in the future. By the time you’re done reading, you should know why we have picked him as one of the most famous pitchmen in history.

Phil Swift: The Early Years

Phil began his career in 1980, getting into advertising and marketing. During this time, he picked up quite a few skills that would help him later in life. He spent many years perfecting these skills.

  • Sales Presentations¬†- Giving a pitch in person is difficult for some, but Phil is a natural, which allowed him to give top-notch sales presentations throughout his career. It takes a bit of skill to be able to convince people that they should spend their hard earned money.
  • Sales Training -Not only is he able to pull off a wonderful sales presentation, he also has the ability to train others so that they can do the same. This is a valuable skill, and one that Phil doesn’t mind sharing whenever he can.
  • Product Development – While many pitchmen pitch products invented or manufactured by someone else, there are a few – like Phil Swift – who like to roll up their sleeves and actually innovate. Over the years, Phil has come up with quite a few product ideas, some of which have been very successful.
  • Telemarketing – Not everyone is a fan of telemarketing, but Phil Swift has a way of using telemarketing to his advantage. Perhaps it is his personality or his ability to make the sale and seal the deal, he has used his telemarketing skills in many ways.
  • Direct Response Marketing – DRTV marketing is not for everyone. It is a very competitive business. This hasn’t stopped Phil Swift from becoming a master at the art of the television pitch. All you need to do is look at his famous Flex Seal commercial to see he has what it takes to push sales. (Having a great product like Flex Seal doesn’t hurt!)
  • Infomercials – Both long form (usually around 30 minutes) as well as short-form (around 30 seconds) infomercials are also something that Phil excelled at during the 80′s and 90′s. While he wasn’t the first one to do a short-form infomercial, he became a master of the art – something that can be seen in his famous Flex Seal TV commercial.

Phil Swift and Flex Seal

When Phil Swift first thought up the television commercial for Flex Seal and the boat with the bottom replaced by a screen door, there was no way to be certain that it would be such a hit.

It has even spawned people recreating the project and putting the result on YouTube. From Consumer Reports to local news stations to fans, many people have tried to use a screen door on the bottom of a boat – successfully.

Pitching a product that works as well as Flex Seal makes Phil’s job a little easier, but the creativity and passion he brings to the table is the reason so many people are passionate about Flex Seal and the other products he pitches on television and online.

Future for Phil Swift

What does the future hold for Phil Swift? This is a very good question. While he has quite a bit of success with telemarketing and direct response marketing on television, he has set his sight on the Internet. As a man who is always thinking about the future – and ways to improve – he has become very interested in the world wide web and all the opportunities it offers.

Here are some of the products that Phil works with.

  • Flex Seal – This is most likely the product that Phil Swift is known for the most. It is a liquid rubber sealant that you can spray from a can to wherever you need it most.
  • Slick Fix – Like Flex Seal, Slick Fix has helped quite a few people over the years with little jobs around the home (or garage.)
There are other products out there that he is working on, but these are the two he is most known for currently. Whether this will change as he develops new products remains to be seen, but these two have brought him a lot of success. Those who want to stay in the loop as Phil begins new projects have it easy thanks to the Internet.

If you check Facebook and the other social networks, you are going to see Flex Seal and Phil Swift representing. They even had a contest recently that asked for fans of the liquid rubber in a can product to send in videos of innovative ways they have used the product. It is little things like this – reaching out to consumers and engaging them in a conversation – that helps Phil stand out from the crowd.


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